Allowing to do AI macro
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AI mouse is an AI interface to do AI macro using mobile phone. The term 'AI macro' is defined as a series of behaviors by smart devices. AI macro is offered by handwriting or speech recognition, which deep learning is applied to. As a basic interface of computer or internet of things, AI mouse gives various functions to control it.

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* After login, you can get login version PC app.
AI security

AI mouse stores user’s information into Amazon Web Services (AWS) Dynamo DB and S3 for strong security.

AI technology

'AI macro' is a series of behaviors by smart devices. As natural language processing (NLP), 'natural behavior processing' is a processing so that smart devices can understand behaviors of people. Based on big data and deep learning, we research and develop a 'natural behavior processing' for AI macro and people can use AI macro by AI mouse for convenient life.


Mouse, keyboard remote function

Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard. Use after downloading server!

File transfer function

Click on AI macro button and then write U or D. It gives file transfer between PC and Phone remotely.

AI based macro function

Handwriting or speech recognition, which deep learning is applied to, provided by AI mouse allows you to link your apps.

Video manual


AI macro function

We launch your pc/mobile apps in AI macro function. Experience new ways to promote with differentiated services.

AI mouse platform

Install this platform on a large screen in the store to attract new entrants and boost sales with new AI service.

Development service

ㆍPlatform development
AI technology,Handwriting and speech recognition technologies, Cloud service, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, Web application, Android mobile application

AI service, Cloud services, web development, and Android mobile application development staff ensure a stable project progress.


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○ Is it available on MAC version?

No, it is not. It is only available in Windows version.

○ When user account control is occurred, remote control is not available. What should I do?

Go to control panel->user account->change user account control settings->set not to notify.

○ What is login service?

Login service gives users to connect AI mouse to PC automatically.

○ In Windows 10 version, AI mouse server does not run automatically. What should I do?

Go to job manager->startup program->set AI mouse server available.

○ The previous version of AI mouse server runs after the update. What should I do?

Delete desktop shortcut of AI mouse server and execute AI mouse server installation.